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Agglomerate the power to make progress with quality assurance
New structure The rotor components with symmetrical arrangement of impellers basically offset the axial thrust generated by the positive and negative impellers during operation, so that the balance disc device with small clearance, high pressure drop, easy scouring, easy wear and easy failure is not required to maintain the balance of axial force, breaking through the traditional structure of multi-stage pump.
new technique Unique throttling, pressure reducing device and odd stage balancing device. It can also play the role of auxiliary support.
High efficiency and energy saving Adopt advanced water conservancy model and independently developed energy-efficient products; Since the pump rotor has no wear and axial pulsation of the balance disc, the alignment between the impeller and the guide vane is always in the best state, and the efficiency will not decrease significantly with the wear of the balance disc and the forward movement of the rotor components as in the ordinary multi-stage pump structure; Moreover, there is no leakage of balance water, the volume loss is reduced, and the operation efficiency of the pump is improved as a whole, which is 2%-3% higher than that of the ordinary multi-stage pump on average
high reliability Self balanced axial force load minimizes pump wear and system interference. A very small part of the residual axial force is borne by the thrust bearing, so that the pump shaft is always in a tension state, the stress state of the shaft is uniform, and the peak stress is greatly reduced compared with the prototype structure, thus improving the rigidity and critical speed of the pump rotor, and significantly improving the stability and reliability of the pump rotor.
high stability Through the best configuration of symmetrical impeller and guide vane, reasonable matching clearance and wide axial throttling design, the pump can still maintain its high stability and high operating efficiency after long-term operation.
Good cavitation performance The optimized hydraulic model and structural design, the special double suction structure of the first stage impeller, together with precision casting and reliable wear-resistant materials, make the pump have good anti cavitation performance. The whole machine runs smoothly and has low noise. Users do not need to configure a booster pump or increase the height of the water inlet tank.
Mechanical seal strength reliability When the pump is started and stopped, the rotor components do not move axially, and there is no axial pulsation during operation, which overcomes the problem of poor reliability of the mechanical seal that has always plagued the multi-stage pump.
Convenient maintenance The rapid assembly and disassembly design allows the water pump to replace seals and bearings without disassembling the pump body and inlet and outlet pipelines. There are no vulnerable parts such as the balance plate in the pump, saving overhaul and inspection time.
Low maintenance rate The use of precision casting reduces the number of vulnerable parts, maintenance and disassembly, prolongs the product life, avoids a series of problems caused by excessive disassembly and assembly, and reduces the maintenance cost.
Strong applicability Advanced combined modular design, local components that have been widely used and tested in long-term operation, and parts have a high degree of interchangeability. The small clearance balance disc device is canceled, which is more suitable for the occasions with worse medium properties than the traditional multi-stage pump.

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